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Business Office

The Business Office serves as the center for all student financial transactions during a student's enrollment at The General Theological Seminary. This is where students pay tuition, collect history of accounts and, if applicable, pick up refunds.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.                        Business Office Policy and Deadlines  


Robert Elliot


Steve Stojowski
Assistant Controller


Patricia Gerhardt
Senior Accountant

Nadine Elisma
Staff Accountant

Payment Policy

The Seminary requires that any outstanding charges due from students continuing their studies at GTS be paid to the Business Office before each semester begins. Continuing students may not register for a new semester until all prior balances on accounts are paid in full.

Procedure for Payment—Tuition and fees, room and board, and guest room charges can be paid by check or credit card. GTS accepts Visa and MasterCard. Please make all checks payable to The General Theological Seminary. There will be a $25.00 service fee for any check returned uncollected from the bank. All payments must be in U.S. dollars. Payment should be sent directly to the Business Office by U.S. mail, campus mail, or in person. The Business Office is open weekdays, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. New students must pay their housing security deposit and September‘s rent before they arrive or on the day of arrival to enable them to receive the keys to their residence. No one will be permitted to attend classes without fulfilling his or her payment obligations, including any penalty or late fees. Please note that students cannot graduate or receive their degrees or transcripts until all tuition, room, board, fees, and charges owed to the Seminary are paid in full.

Payment Deadlines

The Business Office will distribute student bills for the Michaelmas Term, including September‘s rent, during the first week of classes. All amounts owed excluding amounts covered by outstanding pledged grants must be fully paid by each student no later than the second Friday in October.

  1. All payments for the Easter Term are due on or before the second Friday in March.
  2. Housing Security Deposits for entering resident students are due one week before the date of arrival to school.
  3. For those participating in the Episcopal Church Medical Trust‘s Seminary Health plan, your HR Administrator will send you an email stating when your payment is due.
  4. Discount - If you pay an academic year‘s rent of nine months (September through May) in a single, upfront payment, you will receive a 4% discount in the rental charge. Also, a 4% discount is given on your Easter Term bill if you pay tuition and all other fees by October 15. The discount is calculated after your internal GTS scholarship (if any) is deducted: [Total tuition + Fees] - [GTS scholarship] x 4%.
  5. A student who does not fulfill his or her financial obligation by direct payment, external and/or internal funding sources, and/or by borrowing, will not be allowed to register for classes, and will not receive grades.

For all Tuition Rates please review online catalogue at

Other Fees

  1. Room deposit - The deposit paid by new students will be returned within sixty days after you leave GTS if you have left your living unit in satisfactory condition.
  2. Room fee - Rent is based on the fee schedule outlined on the website schedule of student fees. If you live in GTS housing, you are responsible for the rent during the summer months, even if you sublet your living space. You cannot sublet your living space without permission of the GTS Director of Campus Services.
  3. Meal Plan – There is a onetime cost per semester for student meals, billed by the business office.
  4. Graduation fees - For students graduating, please see schedule of student fees on the website regarding the commencement fee and thesis submission fees, which are based on degree. Late fees - Please note that there is a late tuition payment fee, and additional penalties each month on balances. Other late fees, such as a late registration fee and fees for late add/drop of courses, are shown on the website‘s schedule of student fees.


Refund Policy

Once the Business Office receives a student‘s loan, grant or scholarship and reviews that student‘s account, any credit balance on the account will be refunded to the student after all rent and other outstanding bills for the semester have been deducted. A detailed statement will be attached to each refund to the student. Students may request a statement of activity for the school year to date at any time by writing to the Business Office. Student refunds and reimbursements are a high priority for the Business Office. Student accounts will be reviewed and refunds processed monthly, except for refunds of federal funds, which will be refunded within the time period specified by federal guidelines. If you have any questions on your financial aid, please contact the Director of Financial Aid. Questions about your semester‘s bill should be referred to the Controller in the Business Office.

Formulae for Refunds of GTS Charges Upon Withdrawal

If the student withdraws:

  • The Seminary will refund: In the first three weeks 3/4 of the tuition, but fees and other charges will not be refunded.
  • In the second three weeks 1/2 of fees and other charges
  • In the third three weeks 1/4 of fees and other charges
  • After nine weeks No refund possible

Note: Students receiving federal financial aid may have to return money to the federal government if they totally withdraw and/or drop below 6 credits (less than ½). This may result in monies owed to GTS. Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.

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