General Seminary is a worshipping community. The daily rhythm of Morning and Evening Prayer, along with the daily celebration of the Holy Eucharist, creates a shared framework for our life together as Seminary community. During the school year our worship schedule includes many services, both spoken and sung.  The integral relationship between worship and scholarly pursuit is a central hallmark of GTS and Seminary's approach to formation for ministry.



The celebration of the Eucharist on Tuesday evening joins the entire seminary community in the central act of Christian worship. On other weekdays, a morning Eucharist immediately following Morning Prayer, and the Friday mid-day Eucharist, offers the community the chance to experience the richness of the Episcopal Church liturgical calendar of feasts and fasts. At every Eucharist, a sermon or homily is preached by a faculty member, senior student, or distinguished guest. Evensong, a distinctive feature of the worship life of the Seminary over many generations, is sung four evenings each week. Worship most often follows the liturgyies of The Book of Common Prayer, but the new forms of Enriching Our Worship are also used. All members of the community, including students, faculty members, staff, and family members, participate actively and offer liturgical leadership  in the worship life at GTS.



Three Seminary  guilds are central to the worship life of the Chapel. The Guild of Sacristans maintains the Chapel  and makes all necessary provisions for the smooth conduct of services. The Guild of Precentors are cantors who provide vocal ministry at services.  The Guild of Chimers play the Seminary's historic set of fifteen Durfee tubular tower chimes, heard each morning and evening throughout the neighborhood of Chelsea. In a typical week, the community may sing more than sixty pieces of music, often supported by the Chapel's three-manual 1958 Holtkamp organ, which was fully restored in the spring of 1996.


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The General Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church is a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.