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16 members
Kurt Dunkle
Contact Phone 646.717.9740
Address Seabury, first floor
Position Title Dean & President
Affiliation Dean & President
Anthony Khani
Contact Phone 646 717 9743
Address Seabury Hall, 2nd floor
Position Title Vice President of Operations
Affiliation Operations
Chad Rancourt
Contact Phone 646.717.9765
Address Seabury Hall, ground floor
Position Title Director of Communications
Affiliation Communications
Donna Ashley
Contact Phone 646.717.9706
Address Seabury Hall, first floor
Position Title VP of Advancement
Affiliation Institutional Advancement, Admission and Communication
Jonathan Silver
Contact Phone 646.717.9705
Address Seabury Hall, street level
Position Title Director of Development, Alumni, and Church Relations
Affiliation Institutional Advancement
Kim Robey
Contact Phone 646 717 9703
Address Seabury Hall, 1st floor
Position Title Executive Assistant to the Dean and President
Affiliation Dean and President's Office
Patricia Gerhardt
Contact Phone 646.717.9749
Address Seabury Hall, street level
Position Title Senior Accountant
Affiliation Business Office
Patrick Cates
Contact Phone 646.717.9789
Address Keller Library
Position Title Library Interim Manager
Affiliation Christoph Keller, Jr. Library
Robert Elliot
Contact Phone 646.717.9764
Address Seabury Hall, street level
Position Title Controller
Affiliation Business Office
Sandra Johnson
Contact Phone 646.717.9760
Address Seabury Hall, second floor
Position Title Consultant
Affiliation Business Office
Sloan Hoffer
Contact Phone 646.717.9779
Address Seabury Hall, third floor
Position Title Interim IT Manager
Affiliation IT Department
Stephanie Spellers (The Rev)
Contact Phone -
Address Seabury Hall, 4th Floor
Position Title Director, Mission & Reconciliation
Affiliation -
Susan Stein
Contact Phone 646.717.9759
Address Lorrillard Hall, basement
Position Title Executive Director
Affiliation Children's Garden Pre-School
Tina Gibson
Contact Phone -
Address Seabury Hall, ground floor
Position Title Campus Services
Affiliation Campus Services
Trecia O Sullivan
Contact Phone 646.717.9742
Address Seabury Hall, street level
Position Title Financial Aid / Human Resources Administrator
Affiliation Financial Aid / Human Resources
William Wong
Contact Phone 646.717.9778
Address Seabury Hall, 3rd Floor
Position Title Technical Support Specialist
Affiliation IT Department

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