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Health Insurance FAQ's




Question: Where can I find Student Health Insurance Information?
a)    You may find health insurance information on the GTS website,; Prospective Students > New Students > New Students > Forms and Requirements
b)    You  may also find more information  on; For Clergy and Spouses > Seminarians > Health

Question:  What health plans does GTS offer?
Answer:  GTS offers one health plan; Aetna Health Fund Plan.

Question:  What does the health plan offer?
Aetna Health Fund
•    Designed as a traditional PPO plan, with a Plan-established Health Fund account that reduces the deductible
•    Administered by Aetna
•    Health Fund is forfeited at termination or enrollment in another plan
•    Health Fund balance carry over for one year
•    Offers a choice of providers within the Aetna PPO network
•    No PCP selection required
•    NO PCP referrals required fro specialty care
•    Out of network benefits allow you to seek care from nonparticipating providers
•    Hospital Care covered network only

Question:  What is open enrollment?
Answer:  Open enrollment is a designated period each year when eligible members may choose to enroll in or make changes to healthcare coverage for themselves and/or their dependents, which become effective on the first day of the following plan year.

Question: When is open enrollment?
Answer:  Between August 29th through September 30th.
You must enroll within 30 days of your seminary's registration deadline for the semester in which you wish to begin coverage.  If you miss the enrollment period, you may enroll for the following semester.  As a plan member, you remain enrolled year-round for as long as you remain in seminary.  Seminarians who begin studying in the spring semester may be submitted before classes begin. You must submit your plan elections before the semester begins in which you are enrolling.

Question:  How do I enroll?
Answer:  Complete an enrollment form that will be given to you by the HR Administrator during Orientation week.

Question:  When does coverage begin?
Answer:  The effective date of coverage for a seminarian is the first day of the first semester or term in which he or she enrolls as a full-time student.

Question:  Can I enroll my dependents on my medical plan?
Answer:  You can enroll the following dependents on your medical plan:
•    Your spouse
•    Your domestic partner, if elected by the participating group
•    Your child who is 30 years of age or younger
•    Your disabled child, 30 years of age or older, provided the disability began before the age of 25.
Adding dependents to your health plan may add to the cost. Please review the rates on the rate schedule found on the GTS website.


Question:  Are dental benefits offered?
Answer:  The Medical Trust offers three levels of dental coverage; Preventive Dental PPO, Basic Dental PPO, Dental & Orthodontia PPO 

Question:  How long is health coverage?
Answer:   Health coverage lasts until graduation.  The cycle begins on each academic school year.  Health coverage also lasts through the summer.

Question:  How will I be billed?
Answer:  The Business Office will list the amount due for the semester on your student invoice.


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