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We value the greatest legacy of our seminary, our alumni.

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The Rev. Richard A. Kirby 1954
The Very Rev. Perumkunnil Episcopos Samuel 1954
The Rev. George W. Sutherland 1954
The Rev. Fr. John H. Dingle 1955
The Rev. Peter M. Kalellis 1955
The Rev. Derek A. Lowe 1955
Mr. A. Dale McMullan 1955
The Rev. John C. Pasco 1955
The Rev. James M. Andersen 1956
The Rev. William L. Carlough 1956
The Rev. Allyn J. Fisher 1956
The Rev. Valliaveetil George 1956
Mr. Edward G. Holtam 1956
The Rev. Stephen S. Li 1956
The Rev. John Shoji Saito 1956
Mr. Edgar F. Staff 1956
The Rev. William P. Zion 1956
The Rev. Constantinios Andreou 1957
The Rev. Frank McVay 1957
The Rev. Albert C. Rountree 1957
Mr. Stephen W. Woodworth 1957
The Rev. A. C. Calivas 1958
The Rev. P. Cherian Eapen 1958
Mr. Jon Christian Franck 1958
The Rev. James Franklin McClure 1958
The Rev. Lewis Albert Payne 1958
The Rev. Jacob Selva Raj 1958
Mr. William H. Scott 1958
The Rev. Fulton Bruce Smith 1958
Mr. John Stiles Talbot 1958
The Rev. R. Clark Bornfield 1959
The Rev. Richard W. Corlett 1959
The Rev. Harold L. Elliott 1959
Mr. George H. McCloughlan 1959
The Rev. Morley E. Pinkney 1959
The Rev. A. Dawson Teague Jr. 1959
Mr. John I. Williams 1959
The Rev. William C. Bartlett 1960
Mr. Robert C. Brownlie Jr. 1960
The Rev. John Davies 1960
Mr. Missak Kehiayan 1960
The Rev. John W. Poulos 1960
The Rev. Tillman B. Williams 1960
Mr. Thom P. Brown 1961
The Rev. William H. Congdon 1961
The Rev. Norman Ernest Crockett 1961
The Rev. Canon B. Rex Davis 1961
The Rev. Abba G. Degou 1961
The Rev. Larry B. Gatlin 1961
Mr. George J. Holman 1961
Mr. Richard J. Kennison 1961
The Rev. George E. Kiker Jr. 1961
Mr. Theodore R. Kosco 1961
The Rev. Donald F. Sutphen 1961
The Rev. D. Frank Hayden Jr. 1962
Mr. Frederick F. Jillson 1962
Mr. Andrew Katsanis 1962
Mrs. Stan Lee Litz 1962
Mr. William Lynam 1962
Mr. Bruce B. Nidd 1962
Mr. Ernest B. Beatty 1963
The Rev. John W. Darden 1963
The Rev. A. Tyrrel Dear II 1963
The Rev. La DeJimenez 1963
The Rev. Eusebio Escariz 1963
The Rev. Malcolm M. Graham 1963
The Rev. Brian L. Horne 1963
Mr. Paul R. Jenkins 1963
The Rev. Sarkis Sarkissian 1963
Mr. G. Bruce Tilden 1963
The Rev. Thomas J. Kavany 1964
Ms. Diana King 1964
Mr. Larry C. Rape 1964
Mr. Frank J. Sammer 1964
Mr. Richard M. Werkheiser 1964
The Rev. C. P. Blackwell-Smyth 1965
The Rev. Harold D. Jenkins 1965
Mr. Clifford Listug 1965
The Rev. William B. Olnhausen 1965
The Rev. Larry K. Ansley 1966
The Rev. David W. Fish 1966
The Rev. F. William Mayo 1966
The Rev. Forrest C. Mobley Jr. 1966
K. K. Punnose 1966
The Rev. John W. Reigel 1966
Mr. Daniel A. Buchanan 1967
The Rev. Richard G.M. Chambers 1967
Mr. John A. Davis 1967
The Rev. Ignacio Guzman 1967
Mr. Charles E. Halley 1967
The Rev. J. Eric Hayden 1967
The Rev. George D. Stenhouse 1967
The Rev. Jon A. Caridad 1968
Mr. Joseph A. Chamberlain 1968
Mr. Jack H. Dexter 1968
The Rev. Charles T. Farrar 1968
The Rev. Canon Wilfrid J. L. Henderson 1968
Mr. David F. Holt 1968
The Rev. F. William Lantz 1968
Mrs. Stephen T. Whitney 1968
The Rev. G. Edward Bowden 1969
The Rev. Michael E. Raff 1969
The Rev. Karl Tabeling 1969
The Rev. John Lawrence Wilkinson 1969
The Rev. Richard E. Brewer 1970
Mrs. Stephen K. Brown 1970
The Rev. Chung Moon Chang 1970
The Rev. Paul Coleman Cochran 1970
Mr. Robert G. Kuisis 1970
Mr. Larry W. Luther 1970
Mr. William J. Braun 1971
Mr. Edgar A. Dunn 1971
The Rev. Kenneth J. Finger Jr. 1971
The Rev. William D. Galer Jr. 1971
The Rev. Jose L. Lana Solano 1971
Mr. Frank L. MacEk 1971
Mr. Robert K. Orr 1971
The Rev. David J. Peacock 1971
Mr. Ronald R. Roberts 1971
Mrs. Stephen H. Skiles 1971
Mr. Robert G. Brown 1972
Mr. Richard L. Frost 1972
Mr. George W. Vasil 1972
The Rev. Jihad Abou-Mrad 1973
Mr. Jerry Blasingame 1973
The Rev. Samuel Y. Reed 1973
Mr. Ross R. Baxter 1974
The Rev. Yettel Faber 1974
Father Martin R. M. Hohlfeld 1974
Mr. Gregory G. Woods 1974
The Rev. Kun Jong Lyu 1975
The Rev. Canon and Mrs. Amos B. Collins 1976
Mr. Frank Hemlin 1976
Mr. Terry L. Henry 1976
Mr. Irving George Robinson 1976
Mr. William H. Draper 1978
Mr. Chuck Ross 1978
Mr. John W. Carson 1979
Mr. Scott A. Kallstrom 1979
Mr. Shelby Gasek 1980
The Rev. Derrick Antonio Martin 1980
Mr. Gary D. Bratt 1981
The Rev. Alan Foster 1981
Mr. James L. Nash 1981
The Rev. Canon Victor O. Sotunde 1981
Sr. Kathryn E. Whittle OSH 1981
Dr. Donna Austin 1982
The Rev. Yeznig A. Balian 1982
The Rev. Colvin C. Goddard 1982
The Rev. David Livingstone James 1982
Mr. William L. Jones 1982
Mr. Jack R. Kallmyer 1982
The Rev. Walter Maier 1982
The Rev. Craig J. Welbaum 1982
Mr. Charles James Comella 1983
The Rev. Dr. Ronald Martin Noone 1983
The Rev. Anna-Louise Reynolds-Pagano 1983
The Rev. Fredericka Ann Steenstra 1983
The Rev. Dr. Mary Anne Mann 1984
The Rev. Jesus Nieves 1984
The Rev. John D. Luetzow 1985
Mr. William J. Taylor II 1985
The Rev. Kent E. Williams 1985
The Rev. Trevor B. Adams 1986
The Rev. Albert Wayne Bowers 1986
The Rev. Mary Janet P. Johnson 1986
The Rev. Sheila Margaret Whittle 1986
Ms. Kathleen Anne Martin 1987
Ms. Martina Jean Sierra 1987
The Rev. Ben Kanina Kirikiru 1988
The Very Rev. Peter L. Lenkoe 1988
Mr. James Edward Moore 1988
The Rev. Anne Johnson-Dougherty 1989
The Rev. Francois V. Nsengiyumva 1989
The Rev. Wilson Eugene Dewald 1990
The Rev. Anna M. Henderson 1991
Ms. Suzette L. Cayless 1993
Ms. Shiella T.D Fodchuk 1993
Mr. William Henry Koch Jr. 1993
The Rev. Jay D. Wegman 1993
Mr. William L. Grant 1996
Ms. Virginia MacLeod 1996
Ms. Nina L. Pratt 1996
Ms. Joy Haupt Carol 1998
Mr. David Kenneth Steffens 1998
Mr. Peter Burt Gudaitis 1999
Ms. Caroline Leys 1999
Mr. Richard Masterson 1999
Ms. Linda Ann Unger 1999
Ms. Rose-Hannah Gaskin 2003
The Rev. Calvin Sanborn 2006
Ms. Linda Bell 2009
Mr. Ahmed Musah 2009
Mr. Javier Aldana 2010
Ms. Claudia Campos-Figuitiura 2010
Mr. Edgard Giraldo 2010


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Alumni/ae Memorial Necrology

November 14, 2012

We remember those alumni, alumnae, and sometime students of

the General Theological Seminary whose deaths have been reported

to the Seminary since November 2011.

Class of 1900

Charlotte Ream Krause

Class of 1933

Francis S. Bancroft Jr.

Class of 1938

Thomas S. Logan Sr.

Class of 1940

Richard C. Rodgers

Class of 1944

J. Howard W. Rhys

Class of 1949

Sheldon B. Foote Jr.

John B. Hibbitts

John G. Mills Jr.

Class of 1950

Stuart G. Ruth


Class of 1951

Peter Chase

Class of 1952

Arthur J. Lockhart

Samuel L. Snodgrass

Class of 1954

Paul C. Deckenbach

Class of 1955

Samuel W. Ishibashi

Leonel L. Mitchell

Class of 1956

William F. Crosby

Class of 1957

Harold Jackson Wilson


Class of 1959

Francis S. Bancroft III

Stephen S. Garmey

G. Russell Hatton

Class of 1960

James Henry Brennan

G. Duncan Buchanan

Class of 1964

James J. McNamee II

Thomas T. Parke

John H. Smith

Class of 1975

Donald L. Place


Class of 1977

Denise Lee Games Haines

Class of 1980

Thomas W. S. Logan Jr.


Class of 1984

Ann E.P. McElligott

Class of 1988

Thomas James McElligott

Class of 1990

Pamela Davis Barnett

Class of 2008

Cody Unterseher

Class of 2010

Teresa A. Parsons




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