17 March 2010


"Summers at General" Offers Unique Learning Opportunities


New York City – The General Seminary’s Summers at General program includes a fascinating array of six summer courses, each one week long, enabling participants to explore their faith and expand their theological understanding while enjoying the beauty of the Seminary’s landmarked campus in the heart of the Big Apple.  These courses may be taken at a special summer rate of $400 with no fees, or they may be taken for graduate-level credit at regular tuition rates.  Accommodations are available on campus in the Desmond Tutu Center.  Registration can be done online.  Click on the large "Summers" button on the home page of www.gts.edu

••• Miriam, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of Jesus are only a few of the Marys that have shaped Christian prayer for centuries. You can join a noted expert on women in the Bible, GTS Professor of New Testament Deirdre Good, along with Director of General’s Center for Christian Spirituality, the Rev. Jeanne Person, for Praying with Mary: a Practicum.  Participants will explore the origins of the figure of Mary in the Christian tradition and explore both ancient and contemporary ways of praying with her as prophet, teacher, contemplative, mystic, and visionary. Participants will experience and reflect on a variety of prayer practices including the rosary, listening to Miriam-Mary music and praying with art at the Metropolitan Museum. $400 or choose 3 credits.  Offered through the seminary's Center for Christian Spirituality.  (Monday, May 24-28, course AT345)

••• Nearly 2,800 years ago a herdsman from the Kingdom of Judah appeared at a sanctuary of the Kingdom of Israel and began to prophesy to the inhabitants of that kingdom. Thus began a process that culminated in what we now know as the Book of Amos. Join GTS Professor Emeritus Richard W. Corney for Two Years Before the Earthquake: From Amos the Prophet to Amos the Book for an exploration of why Amos’ words were preserved and how they were applied to later generations by the compilers of the Book of Amos. $400 or choose 1 credit. (Tuesday, June 1-4, course OT80)

••• General Seminary’s Dean and President Ward B. Ewing, a Class A (non-alcoholic) trustee of Alcoholics Anonymous, has followed its famous 12-step precepts in his own life for the past 40 years. He notes, “The spirituality of the Twelve Steps has offered me strength, flexibility and openness to God in my practical living.” Join Dean Ewing and the Seminary’s Chaplain, the Rev. Dr. Stuart Hoke, for Twelve Step Spirituality and learn how the steps can provide a guide for spiritual health and growth for people in all walks of life.  $400 or choose 2 or 3 credits.  Offered through the seminary's Center for Christian Spirituality.
  (Monday, June 7-11, course AT80)

••• "Contemplative prayer is a grace-filled attentiveness to God that initiates and sustains a change of consciousness, leading to deepening love of God and neighbor,” says GTS Adjunct Professor David Keller. Join him this summer for Contemplative Prayer: a Practicum and explore the necessity of intentional daily experience of God as a fundamental source of spiritual discernment, vision and energy for our lives. Participants will develop a design for sharing contemplative prayer in a parish or other institutional setting. $400 or choose 3 credits.  Offered through the seminary's Center for Christian Spirituality.  Co-sponsored by the Contemplative Ministry Project.
(Monday, June 14-18, course AT322)

••• Since the founding of Trinity Church in 1696, sacred spaces of Episcopal congregations have been key elements in the religious environment of New York City. In Churches as History: The Episcopal Church in New York City,  Dr. Ronald Young, Adjunct Professor at GTS, will be your expert guide to understanding the varied histories of seven Episcopal churches throughout city, each of which will be visited and toured.  Although diverse in character, heritage, and mission, together they provide a lens to examine and understand key themes and trends in American religious history and, in particular, the history of the Episcopal Church.  $400 or choose 2 or 3 credits.  (Monday, June 21-25, course CH60)

••• Known to generations of General Seminary students, senior Professor J. Robert Wright is the author or editor of seventeen books and over 170 essays and articles. Historiographer of the Episcopal Church and past president of the North American Academy of Ecumenists, Prof. Wright offers Ecumenism and Anglicanism on the High Line.  The course focuses on Anglican/Episcopal relations with the Eastern, Roman, and Lutheran churches, on the proposed Anglican Covenant and on churches that have broken away owing to past and recent controversies. A key question for the course is “Wherein does Anglican unity consist?”  The course will be taught, in part, from the perspective of the High Line, the newly opened and immensely popular elevated park running along the Seminary’s western border.  $400 or choose 3 credits.  (Monday, June 28-July 20, course CH70)

In addition to these courses, the Summers at General program includes daily worship opportunities in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, and, starting in July, Pilgrimage: Sacred Sites of New York,  offered through Journeys Unlimited New York and the Seminary’s Desmond Tutu Center, a 60-room conference and guest facility on the GTS campus. New York City in the summer is an international center of cultural, intellectual, and leisure-time activities.

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