"I could not be who I am today without having spent 3 years on the Close. That made me delighted to click the "Submit Payment" button because the church is only as good as the people in it, and you guys are all simply amazing to me..." Erika VonHaaren '05

Have you considered making a monthly gift to the Annual Fund?

Our strongest supporters have always been and continue to be our Alumni/ae. Even in these economic circumstances, so many alumni/ae are seeking way to increase their generosity to their Seminary. We understand that not everyone can make a large gift, but a contribution of any size will show your faith and commitment to the spiritual and community health of General Seminary by participating in the support and formation of our scholars.

One of the most effective ways can be to spread a gift out over the course of 12 months. Through setting up a simple recurring transaction, you can have your donation automatically sent to General every month.

These monthly transactions can accumulate to a more substantial yearly gift to the Annual Fund.

Yearly Annual Fund Gift: Monthly Gift:
$2500 $208.34
$1000 $83.34
$600 $50
$300 $25
$120 $10

A gift to the Annual Fund is the first and best way to support General. Now, making a monthly gift has never been easier. Click here and select your amount, and the frequency of your gift. You can also sleect how many months in a row you would like to continue making this gift, or make an indefinite gift. As always, you can discontinue your gift to General at any time. Thank you for considering this investment in ensuring the future of Theological Education in New York City



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