General Seminary ALUMNI ELECTIONS 2015


Throughout the year, Alumni are welcome to submit their nomination for seats either on the Alumni Executive Committee or the Board of Trustees, to the Alumni Office at 440 West 21 Street, NY, NY 10011 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Throughout the year, Alumni are welcome to submit their nomination for seats either on the Alumni Executive Committee or the Board of Trustees, to the Alumni Office at 440 West 21 Street, NY, NY 10011 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 





Candidacy Statements 2015


Alumni Executive Committee -- 3 year Terms



The Rev. Alexander D. Martin ‘13, Associate Priest, St. Timothy’s Church, Cincinnati

AlexMartinI am grateful to the current members of the Alumni Executive Committee for inviting me to run for a position on that committee.

As a 2013 M.Div. graduate of General, my seminary years were marked by significant transitions: faculty and staff members came and went, buildings were sold, and construction noise was a part of daily life. By many measures, it was not an easy time to be a GTS student. Yet, in spite of all the difficulties, I had an incredible, formative, and life-altering experience at General Seminary. I came to appreciate the things that make General exceptional: from the buzz of the city to the rhythm of daily worship. But more than anything else, my positive experience was shaped by the people who walked that journey with me—people with a common love for General, a common love for the life of the Church, and a common love for Jesus Christ.

My affection for General and the people I met along the way is why I agreed to run for a position on the Alumni Executive Committee. General’s greatest assets aren’t in real estate, but rather in people. It’s relationships with those people that I want to foster and represent.

I look forward to the opportunity to give back to General a small portion of all that General gave to me.



The Reverend Judith Semple Greene, ’96, Retired

GreeneIt is an honor to be nominated by the Alumni Executive Committee to run for a position on the committee. I thank my colleagues for this opportunity.

Coming from the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis in 1995, I transferred to GTS my senior year. I am very grateful for that year. I focused on Anglican studies.

The year 1995-1996 was seminal. It gave shape to my subsequent ministry in the parish. I credit my excellent professors who gave me tools of liturgical and musical expression that I used later in the parish, and when serving as Chair of the Commission on Liturgy and Music in the Diocese of Connecticut under Bishops Andrew D. Smith and Ian T. Douglas. Anglican Moral Theology helped me see and respond to the neighbor set before me. I became aware of how important it is for the Episcopal Church to show leadership in the world. Through a study of Romans I saw that Paul spoke God’s truth to very different cultures. A great variety of cultures surrounds us in New York City, such a benefit. What I learned is still essential for ministry. Today, as opportunities for full-time parish ministry diminish, we think more and more outside the parish to nourish priest and parish. That is the perspective I bring.

Subsequently, I served in parishes in the Dioceses of Lexington and Connecticut and retired after twelve years as Rector of Christ Church Tashua Trumbull, Connecticut, October 2011.

I return to New York City, often. In 2001, I responded to the invitation to serve at Ground Zero immediately after the incident, and was later certified a Red Cross Chaplain at Ground Zero.

My hope is that all current students of General, in whatever course or program, share a similarly wholesome and profound experience.


The Rev. Miguel A. Hernández '13, Priest-in-Charge, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church West Orange, New Jersey

Rev. MHernandez GTSI graduated from GTS in 2013 (M.Div) and 2014 (S.T.M.). I am originally from El Salvador. I am an English and Spanish speaker. A retired Telecommunications Engineer from AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Alcatel-Lucent in 2012 after 27 years of service.

Currently, I am serving in the Diocese of Newark as priest-in-charge of Holy Trinity in West Orange, NJ. When I first came to Holy Trinity in 2013, there were concerns about the future of the church. After implementing some changes in the worshiping and functioning of the church the mood started to change. I introduced new programs such as God and Science Program, English as a Second Language (ESL), and tutoring sessions which have brought new energy into the community. In the last few months, I have partnered with local leaders to formulate the formation of the West Orange Hispanic Foundation (WOHF).

Since 2009, I have been teaching at the Newark School of Theology teaching classes to candidates to the permanent deaconate and ministers in our area. At GTS, I have taught classes in Liturgical Spanish for Church Leaders since 2012.

I would like to offer my spiritual gifts and managerial skills to the Alumni/ae Executive Committee in order to continue moving forward the efforts of the Committee in support of the GTS family.



Board of Trustees -- 3 year Terms


The Rev. Stuart A. Kenworthy, ‘84,Vicar, Washington National Cathedral, Washington D.C.

KenworthyI attended General Theological Seminary for two years in a full immersion of Anglican Studies beginning in 1982. I did the best learning of my life in those two years and that learning went far beyond academics to include a significant time of spiritual and ecclesiastical formation. After leaving GTS I served as a curate in two churches in Manhattan. The last five years were at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue. In 1991 I was called as rector of Christ Church, Georgetown in Washington D.C. where I served for over 23 years until retirement in 2014. I also served as a Chaplain for 13 years in the District of Columbia Army National Guard with a deployment to Iraq in 2005-06. I came out of retirement after seven months at the invitation of the Dean to serve as the interim vicar of the Washington National Cathedral.

I served on the Alumni Executive Committee for over ten years, with two terms as President ending in 2013. That was a period of huge transition and change at GTS with financial pressures, serious building concerns and renovations, and a student body that for years was asked to sacrifice by living in and through all of this. I have also supported GTS financially for many years. I believe it is important for all alumni/ae to seriously consider that responsibility.

General Seminary now faces another time of serious challenge and rebuilding. I firmly believe that the future of GTS is vital to the Episcopal Church. It is of paramount importance that GTS not just survive, but thrive and soar as a place where people are formed in Christian faith in the Episcopal/ Anglican tradition, and educated to lead our church in the decades ahead. I use the word ‘love’ with care. I can say without reservation that I do love General Seminary, for all that it has been for almost 200 years---and for all that it can be as we look to the future—together!  And I believe we ought to do this trusting in God's leading, and with hearts full of gratitude and hope.


The Rev. Margaret “Peggy” Muncie, ’74, Executive Director, Canterbury Counseling Center, South Carolina

Muncie 2869My commitment to General is strong and abiding. In 1974, I was the first woman granted the seminary’s M.Div., an honor I share with the late Page Bigelow.

General prepared me well for my forty plus years of active ministry. A ministry begun as a member of the campus ministry team at Vassar and Bard College, continued as a pastoral assistant at a large suburban parish. In 1978 I followed my passion for health care chaplaincy and became a Board Certified Chaplain.

The majority of my ministry has been as a Chaplain, first in long-term care settings with Greenwich Chaplaincy Services of Greenwich, CT and then as Director of Spiritual Services for Episcopal Retirement Homes in Cincinnati, OH. Returning to NYC with my husband in 2000, I worked for 9 years with the Health Care Chaplaincy, completing my time in New York as Director of Pastoral Care and Education at St. Luke’s- Roosevelt Hospital.

Now residing in Greenville, SC I made a career shift and serve as Executive Director of Canterbury Counseling Center, a non-profit pastoral counseling center. My role with Canterbury has been to transform the center from one in jeopardy of failing to a center now celebrating its 10th Anniversary dedicated to serving the needs of a growing community.

It is an honor to be considered for service to GTS as a member of the Board of Trustees. Early in my ministry I served from 1977 to 1997 on the Alumni Executive Committee. This allowed me insight into the seminary under different deanships. Now General stands at a pivotal point in its history. This calls for action that looks to the future while honoring the past. This is an opportunity for strong and creative service. I know the hand of God and the prayers of the faithful alumni are with General.


The Rt. Rev. Catherine S. Roskam ’84, Bishop-in-Charge, St. James-in-the-City, Los Angeles

BpRoskamNot a day has gone by since my graduation in 1984 that I have not drawn on the academic foundation laid in my years at General Seminary or the spiritual formation of its daily round of worship and prayer. If I can be of service to this unique and beloved institution through participation on the Board of Trustees, then I embrace the opportunity.

In addition to my love for General, I bring to the table the experience of thirty one years of ordained ministry exercised at both parish and diocesan level in three different dioceses of this church; twenty years as a bishop, having served as Bishop Suffragan of New York from 1996 through 2011; and at present as Bishop-in-Charge of St. James-in-the-City in Los Angeles. I have served The Episcopal Church nationally as a member of Executive Council, the Anglican Consultative Council, the Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music, and the House of Bishops Theology Committee.

Themes which have engaged me throughout are education, congregational growth and social justice, as well as fostering connection throughout the Anglican Communion.

My prayer is that as a trustee I might be a bridge person and a reconciler and also a participant in moving General into a brighter and more fruitful future.


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Throughout the year, Alumni are welcome to submit their nomination for seats either on the Alumni Executive Committee or the Board of Trustees, to the Alumni Office at 440 West 21 Street, NY, NY 10011 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 






Candidacy Statements 2014:


Alumni Executive Committee -- 3 year Terms


First Term:


The Rev. Canon Amy Chambers Cortright '04, Vicar, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri

 I am a graduate of the Class of 2004 and am currently serving as Vicar of Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Missouri. Prior to serving in St. Louis, my husband, the Rev. Joe Chambers and I served in Columbia, Missouri following joyful service in my sponsoring Diocese of New York.

September 11, 2001, marked the first full day of classes for the Class of 2004. The events of that day and following shaped the next three years of our priestly formation in ways that we could never have imagined. These years at GTS were intense, and simultaneously, for me, filled with deep fulfillment and the blessing of constant revelation. I am grateful to GTS for so many things, especially for all of the ways on which I learned to meet the deep darknesses of 9/11 and to confront them with Christ's light and peace through theological reflection, prayer, and diverse relationships.

I am pained to look upon the seminary now, saturated with deep conflict. I am afraid for us, and I am fearful about serving on the Alumni Executive Committee right now. Yet I have faith that nothing will be impossible with God and that the AEC seeks faithfully to represent and share the very best of what we have learned together from our time on the Close for the good of all, past, present, and future. I wish to walk with GTS and with my fellow alumnae and alumni to support the work of reconciliation during this anxious and uncertain time.


Second Term:


The Rev. Hannah Atkins '96, Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas

I am a member of the Class of 1996. My years and friendships at GTS formed and inform me to this day. The Alumni/ae Executive Committee has been a tribute to General as we have worked together in this current situation. I would be honored to continue to work with this distinguished group. My parish in Texas sent a seminarian to GTS, and I would like to do more to help build a strong future here. While at General, I took advantage of the diverse offerings available and have continued to respond with interest to the new realities of theological education in our church and in the world. Directly upon graduation, I served churches in El Salvador, in congregations as well as being Director of Theological education there. I taught Socioloy of Religion and other basic courses for the Centro Anglicano de Estudios Teologicos. After El Salvador, I worked for almost eight years as Senior Assistant at St. John's, Lafayette Square, and have served as Rector at Trinity Houston for seven. All these years I have been directly involved in seminarian formation. I believe my work with endowed parishes, capital campaigns, congregational development, and international theological formation, as well as my enthusiasm for new possibilities, will serve me well in this capacity.


The Rev. Brian Sullivan '97, Rector, St. Benedict's Episcopal Church and School, Smyrna, Georgia

 After graduating from GTS I served in the Diocese of Atlanta as associate rector of St. Peter's, Rome and St. Anne's, Atlanta before serving as rector of Incarnation in Highlands, NC. I am currently the first rector of Saint Benedict's Church and School in Smyrna, Georgia. I have also spent several years working with the non-profit, Kids4Peace International, which is an interfaith peace and reconciliation program working with children in Palestine, Israel, and the U.S. ( Through all these experiences I have raised money for building campaigns, feasibility studies, operational budgets, and dealt with interesting financial structures. I would love to use these experiences to benefit General's efforts in continuing to develop alumni support for our future.



 Board of Trustees -- 3 year Terms

The Very Rev. Daniel Ade '92, Co-Dean and Rector, St. John's Cathedral, Los Angeles, California

 I graduated from GTS in 1992 and served several years of my ministry in my home Diocese of New York. Now having lived in Los Angeles for 11 years, I bring a broad bi-coastal perspective. As a Dean of a new Cathedral, I have had to use skills of entrepreneurship and creativity to help forge a new identity for our congregation emerging out of our existing heritage, in a beautiful old structure, in an exciting and changing neighborhood. I also serve with another Dean in a a co-leadership team, so collaboration, compromise and listening are daily practices. I served on the Board of Trustees for Bloy House, a regional Episcopal seminary in Southern California, for three years. I served on the Search Committee for the Bishops Suffragan. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Guibord Center, housed at St. John's, an interfaith center seeking to foster dialog and reconciliation between religious traditions. For six years I was a member of the Commission on ministry and for two years mentored a Fresh Start training group for newly ordained clergy.

I believe this is a key time to participate in the life of our seminary. General Seminary exists because f the vision and generosity of people such as Clement Clarke Moore, and Bishop John Henry Hobart. The gifts that provided for General at its founding must still form the holy ground on which we stand today. To that end, a chief task of the Board at this time is to seek reconciliation among all the stakeholders of the seminary as we envision our future. I would bring skills of direct and honest communication as well as generous collaboration to the Board, all necessary for such reconciliation to take place. I understand that while I would participate in the Board seeking the good of the seminary as a whole, I would specifically represent the concerns and voice of alumni/ae.

While we remain hopeful that our Risen Lord, the Good Shepherd of the sheep will lead us into a strong future, he calls us actively to engage in the difficult work of reconciliation and rebuilding. I would be honored to play a role in this work as a member of the Board of Trustees.


The Rev. Patricia Steineke Downing '95, Rector, Trinity Episcopal Parish, Wilmington, DE

I was in the graduating class of 1995. I was raised up out of the Diocese of Washington where I returned after graduation, was ordained and served for 14 years. Currently, I am the rector of Holy Trinity Old Swedes parish in Wilmington, Delaware. My reason for wishing to serve on the Board of Trustees is that I am dedicated to the seminary and its mission. The current crisis does not diminish my dedication. I hold the opinion that the seminary still has particular gifts to offer the Episcopal Church in the formation of faithful, learned leaders. I hope my gifts and skills can be helpful to the work of healing, reconciliation and renewal that is required to move beyond the current crisis and carry out our mission.


The Reverend Canon Jadon D. Hartsuff '12, Saint John's Cathedral, Denver, Colorado


I am honored to be considered for service as an alumni representative on the Board of Trustees.  I attended General from the fall of 2009 to the spring of 2012 and earned both an M.Div, cum laude, and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction.  While there I was involved in Community Council and served as an elected representative of my class during the seminary's 2010 financial crisis.  Our class was praised for its commitment to General during that time of uncertainty.  Notably, not one of us left General, and our esprit d'corps was regarded as a source of stability and inspiration as we rode the roller coaster of the next three years as General underwent sweeping changes to its financial and physical life.  Since graduating I have served as the Province VI representative to the Alumni Executive Committee.


Now 37 years of age, and originally from Michigan, I enjoyed a first career leading operations, marketing, and finance for a variety of small companies in Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles, including a firm of my own.  I studied management theory in undergrad and also gave two years of military service following 9/11.  I was ordained from All Saints' Beverly Hills in the Diocese of Los Angeles and served as Curate of Saint James' in Lancaster, Pennsylvania before moving to Denver.  In addition to serving the AEC, I currently serve as a board member of a professional choir based in Denver and have served on a variety of boards in the past.


I am encouraged by the initial work toward re-imagining General's curriculum that has been accomplished in the last year.  At the same time, I am concerned about General's seeming lack of commitment to some of the core principles that have guided it for almost 200 years.  As General recovers from its current crisis and continues to rebuild its product and reputation, I hope my voice can help the BOT deliberate with the perspective of recent/current students clearly in mind as it prepares to carry General into the next 200 years. 




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