For those who have completed their primary theological education elsewhere and do not seek a further degree, the Diploma in Anglican Studies provides an opportunity to tailor a program that increases their knowledge of the Anglican tradition and the Episcopal Church while participating in the community life at General Seminary. Students often enroll for the Anglican Studies Diploma as the request of their sponsoring dioceses prior to ordination. The diploma is appropriate for international students desiring an exposure to theological education in the Episcopal Church but not a degree.

A Diploma in Anglican Studies is granted to students who complete at least one semester of full-time academic work. This means taking a minimum of nine credits during a semester. Many diploma students enroll for two semesters. Each person?s course of study is planned with a faculty advisor, and there are no specific area requirements. Through cross-registration agreements, students may elect courses at Union Theological Seminary and New York Theological Seminary.

For students enrolling at their dioceses' request, dioceses are urged to make clear the desired learning outcomes for a person?s study in this program. Specific directions about the purpose of the study and subjects which should be covered are very helpful in planning the diploma program. Normally students begin a course of study in September and complete it in May. Those planning to take the General Ordination Examination offered through the Episcopal Church's General Board of Examining Chaplains in January may wish to consider entering in the previous January and finishing in December so as to benefit from two semesters of study prior to the examinations. Enrollment in January may depend on the availability of housing.


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