The GTS Scholarship Committee takes the process of awarding financial aid very seriously and strives to assist students with grants and scholarships. Degree-seeking students who maintain satisfactory academic progress and who are enrolled for at least nine credits in a semester are eligible to apply for GTS scholarships. For need based scholarships, the committee considers need as the difference between your COA (cost of yearly attendance) and your EFC (expected family contribution), parish and diocesan support, and outside grants. Other scholarships are awarded based on donor stipulations and restrictions. All continuing students are required to apply to at least three outside financial aid resources (i.e., grants, scholarships, etc.) to supplement the GTS scholarships. Ordination-track students are expected to seek support from their parishes and dioceses.

GTS administers several named scholarships including the Bishop Hamilton H. Kellogg Scholarship that is awarded annually to one student from each class in the Master of Divinity degree program. The scholarship of $20,000 per year is given to a candidate with a record of excellent academic achievement and outstanding demonstrated potential as a theologian or as a leader in parish ministry. The Scholarship honors the Rt. Rev. Hamilton H. Kellogg, GTS ’24 and Bishop of Minnesota, 1956-1970. GTS administers ten other named scholarships of various sizes and criteria.

Students receiving GTS scholarships must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and take a course load of nine credits to maintain their grant or scholarship.

Read more about GTS named scholarships and the stories of current recipients here.

External Grants and Scholarships

GTS students have established a strong record of securing scholarships from outside sources such as the Dubose Fund, Society for the Increase of the Ministry, Episcopal Church scholarships for minority students, FTE Ministries and Deaconess House. The Financial Aid Office has information on these and other scholarships. Many students find information on scholarships/grants on the Internet. The largest free search engine for these is located at


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