Work Study is a part-time employment program for students who have demonstrated financial need. Unlike other types of financial aid, students will receive their work study award in the form of a paycheck once or twice a month throughout the semester. The student must find a job, work, and earn the award. Students may earn up to the amount of their work study award each semester.

A work study participant is classified as a temporary, part-time employee of GTS. While not subject to Federal withholding, these wages are subject to state and local withholding taxes. All such wages and withholdings are reported to the IRS and State and City tax offices. All work study students must stop by the Business Office to obtain the required withholding forms and become enrolled in the GTS payroll system, as well as to update tax withholding information, as needed. In order to complete your work study paperwork, you will need to have a Social Security card and one of the following: U.S. birth certificate, U.S. passport, U.S. voter's registration card or alien registration card. For your paycheck to be processed, you must submit a bi-weekly timesheet with your work study supervisor's signatures.

Positions in various on-campus departments and organizations are readily available (though not guaranteed) and usually pay $10/hour. A work study orientation will be held by the Office of Financial Aid.

For your paycheck to be processed, you must submit a bi-weekly timesheet with your work-study supervisor's signatures to the Financial Aid Office.

Time sheets must be submitted within 30 days of the duties performed or risk possibility on non-payment.

Important notice: Work study earnings are not credited toward tuition and fees or room and board but are paid to you on a biweekly basis. Money earned from employment is normally used for books, transportation, and personal expenses.

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