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Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

Kenwood Psychological Services: Kenwood Psychological Services is New York‘s largest provider of assistance to the religious community and has extensive support services designed specifically for clergy and churches. Kenwood has a staff of more than 75 mental health professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and pastoral counselors, with practice in a wide variety of specialties. The key to using Kenwood Psychological Services, and one of the primary reasons for their success, is the attention given to matching you with the professional best suited to your needs; therefore, Kenwood requires an intake interview in order to make this all important determination.

Accessing the services of Kenwood Psychological Services: Access to Kenwood
Psychological Services is solely at your initiative. To do so you need only phone the office of Dr. David M. Kelley, Ph.D., Director of Kenwood Psychological Services, in Manhattan at 212-744-2121 to arrange for an intake interview.
At no time will anyone from the Seminary or your Diocese have any knowledge that you have accessed the services of Kenwood unless you seek a referral from the Seminary, or in the event that, if required by your Diocese to seek counsel or evaluation, you choose Kenwood to provide the service.

Cost to you: The cost to you is based upon a sliding scale that is determined solely on an ability to pay. By engaging Kenwood Psychological Services as official provider the Seminary has been able to negotiate favorable rates.  The other factor affecting cost will be the determination of the level of care to meet your needs, which will determine the level of expertise necessary to provide such care. There is no reimbursement from the Seminary for using Kenwood Psychological Services. If you have private insurance that provides reimbursement for mental health services please make sure that you follow your providers‘ requirements for reimbursement. Kenwood subscribes to most insurance plans.

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