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DSC_0089The General Theological Seminary believes academics, worship, and life in community are inseparable elements in the process of formation for ministry in Christ's church, whether lay or ordained. Services in our Chapel include the Eucharist, Morning and Evening Prayer, and Compline. While students who live on campus are free to develop their own individual routines, nearly all worship in our Chapel as a part of their daily life, as do faculty members and many members of the staff. Everyone may take further part, whether as sacristans, acolytes, readers or members of the Seminary's choir.
GreenLawn2GTS treasures the diversity of its community. While most students are preparing for ordination or ministry as lay persons, many students come to General for personal growth in their spiritual lives.  Although a majority of our students study full-time and live on campus, we also have a growing number of part-time and commuter students. The student body is nearly equally divided between women and men and an equal number of single persons and married or partnered couples. About 8% of GTS students are from racial groups that are often under-represented and a significant number of our students, staff and faculty are gay or lesbian. The median age of our students is between 30 and 40. Many students have children and for them the Seminary offers a safe and beautiful outdoor environment as well as an on-campus preschool. Inclusivity at GTS also means special organizations for women, people of color, and GLBT students, and student-run ministries that provide clothing to the disadvantaged and a shelter for six homeless persons each weekday night. _DSC3461

While known for its rigorous academic standards, General also focuses on the needs of each individual student. Close relationships between those who teach and those who learn are furthered by common worship, meals, and social events. Learning thus becomes a highly collaborative endeavor. GTS offers a faculty/student ratio of about 1:12 and faculty members each have a small group of student advisees with whom they meet regularly, both individually and in groups. In addition to regular coursework, opportunities for learning abound with special lectures and international conferences at the Seminary's Desmond Tutu Center, which has greatly enhanced General's standing as an international forum for the Anglican Communion. Through the Center, the Seminary actively seeks to make vital connections between the enterprise of theological education and the world of science, commerce, and the arts. General believes the Anglican expression of Christianity can inform and challenge the pressing issues of our day.


Students find a rich social life within the GTS community, and the Seminary's location in the heart of New York City offers a truly amazing array of recreational offerings, as well.  The cultural opportunities found in this most international of cities are unparalleled. Along with General's worship, academic, and community life, the many cultural and recreational activities of New York combine to make General a unique educational environment.



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