14 December 2009


General Seminary Welcomes Ted Gerbracht as Senior Vice President


New York City – When Frederick W. “Ted” Gerbracht took up his new job as the chief academic officer at General Seminary in early November, it was clear that his academic credentials were impressive:  an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth, three master’s degrees (Asian Studies, History, and Business Administration), and a Ph. D. in History from New York University.  Equally well suited to his new job is his depth of experience in the Episcopal Church. For ten years he served as treasurer of the Diocese of Long Island and he has had an equally long tenure as a member of General’s Board of Trustees and as the Seminary’s treasurer—positions from which he recently resigned in order to join the GTS staff. Gerbracht has served on Long Island’s Diocesan Council and as a trustee of its estate endowment.  He is also a member of the Chinese Convocation of the Episcopal AsiaAmerica Ministries Consultation which provides scholarships for theological education.  A lifelong resident of Long Island, Gerbracht  is an active member of  St. Jude’s Church, and teaches the history of Christianity at the Diocese’s education center, the Mercer School of Theology.


But for all his academic and church experience, Gerbracht’s new job as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs is very much a second career. For 39 years he worked in the information technology area of the banking industry, retiring in mid-2006 from Credit Suisse, where he managed a staff of over 50 and an annual budget of $16 million.  Earlier in his career, staffs of up to 250 reported to Gerbracht and the budgets he managed topped $100 million.  In addition to Credit Suisse, his resume details high level positions at Merrill Lynch and Chase Manhattan Bank.  For all three corporate giants, Gerbracht’s specialty was information technology management, but even this work was intertwined with education. “As an executive I was still a teacher and mentor to those who worked for me,” says Gerbracht. “The enterprise of education has been always central to my work life.”


At GTS Gerbracht will support the faculty by providing key administrative functions, including oversight of the academic office, support for curriculum development, recruitment and oversight of adjunct faculty, administration of the academic budget, and the development of new academic programs. While a member of the Board of Trustees, Gerbracht served pro bono as Special Assistant to the Dean charged with the creation of new short-term courses at GTS. “We will miss Ted on our Board,” said the Seminary’s Dean, the Very Rev. Ward B. Ewing, “but I am delighted he accepted this new position, where I know he will contribute in even more significant ways.”


“I owe the beginning of my love for General to my daughter,” said Gerbracht, speaking of the Rev. Marjorie Gerbracht-Stagnaro, a 1995 GTS graduate who now serves as a school chaplain in Washington, D.C. “Through Marjorie I came to know and love the Seminary, and to have high regard for its faculty and programs.  After my first ‘retirement’ in 2000, I offered my services to Dean Ewing, and I have been fully committed to the Seminary ever since.”  Gerbracht and his wife June have three other grown children and five grandchildren—one of the reasons he is on campus only four days a week.  




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