Support for the annual fund is the "first and best gift" one can make to the Seminary.
Annual Fund gifts are applied to daily operations at GTS and directly affect those things we care about most: supporting the formative programs that prepare our students for ministry, making tuition more affordable for talented seminarians of diverse financial backgrounds, compensating our distinguished faculty, maintaining our historic chapel and the beautiful resources of the Close. Cash from tuition and other student fees provides only 23% of the cash requirements to form and educate our students. We are humbled that The Annual Fund continues to meet or surpass our goal, providing over 20% of our budgetary needs.



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This is what we have done and are doing to make sure your Annual Fund gift goes where it is needed most:

  • Since 2011 we have reduced our operating budget by 60%. The Plan to Choose Life, while difficult at times, blessed us with an operating reserve that enabled us to continue our mission as we continue to change the way we operate. The reserve has now been significantly depleted with 2 to 3 years of funds remaining but our goal is to create growth in other areas and eliminate the need for this reserve spending.
  • The Plan to Choose Life also blessed us with a new partner for the operation of Hoffman Hall and the Tutu Center that provides approximately 14% of our cash needs. The generosity of those who gave to the campaign to create The Desmond Tutu Center has provided us with a virtual endowment!
  •  For the past four years, we have taken a very conservative approach regarding the use of our endowment. We realize that this money was given by benefactors to help sustain the Seminary and our students. A draw of 5% annually provides the Seminary with approximately 17% of our cash needs, of which over $300,000 is given to students in the form of scholarships.


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In the midst of our challenges – Financial, Missional, and Cultural – we witness just how many people care deeply about the Seminary. A multitude of sisters and brothers have shown their continued faith and support through prayer, honest and challenging conversation, or tithing – often all of these! 

So many have given so generously to General Seminary in so many ways, and we know a simple “thank you” is never enough. Please know that our entire community, particularly our seminarians – your future leaders - offer the deepest and most sincere collective gratitude for the concern expressed about your Seminary’s future and well being. We are dedicated to maintaining all the best of the past while evolving to meet the needs and address the challenges of our changing Church in a changing world with purpose and vision. We can’t do it without you!


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 If you prefer to pay by check, please make it payable to The General Theological Seminary and mail to us c/o The Office of Advancement, 440 West 21 Street, New York, N.Y. 10011

For further information, please contact

Jonathan Silver

Director of Development


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