Paid-up life insurance policies provide an excellent opportunity for accomplishing charitable objectives. If the circumstances under which a life insureance policy was purchased no longer apply, you may wish to consider putting that money to work for General Seminary.  This may be done by designating the Seminary as the sole owner and beneficiary of an existing or new policy. In some circumstances, the Seminary will accept policies toward which the donor is still paying premiums. however, in the event the donor cannot fulfill the full premium obligation, the Seminary is unable to assume payments.

Many GTS alumni/ae have designated their Church Life Insurance Corporation groop policies for the benefit of the Seminary.  If only 10% of all GTS alumni/ae designated their $30,000 policies for the Seminary, the cumulative effect would be a dramatic increase in the Seminary's endowment. Perhaps in this way your class could be the first to have 100% of its members join the Sherred Society!

Tax information: When a paid-up policy is contributed to the Seminary, the allowable deduction is equal to its replacement value, unless that amount exceeds your tax basis in the policy, in which case the deduction is limited to the basis. If premiums remain to be paid on the policy, the deduction is gnerally equal to the interpolated terminal reserve value of the policy, an amount slightly in excess of the ploicy's cash surrender value.


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