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Campus Services provides resident dormitories and apartments that are communities which develop students' life skills and personal responsibility and serve as transitional environments to future roles and service to society.

We are committed to provide the following:

  • Offer a quality atmosphere that is caring, fun, friendly, and challenging.
  • Create an open and diverse environment that promotes understanding and acceptance of cultural, ethnic, racial, physical, sexual, and religious differences.
  • Develop policies that encourage responsible behavior.

For further information, please visit On-Campus Housing and Housing Floor Plans.


You may contact Campus Services by the following means:

Anthony Khani

Director of Campus Servicesdormitories2
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Mailing Address:

The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church
Attn: Campus Services
440 W. 21st Street
New York, NY 10011
Telephone: 212-243-5150

GTS Faculty

The mission of General Theological Seminary is "to educate and form leaders for the church in a changing world." The faculty and staff are essential in meeting this mission. Experts, faithful leaders, and award-winning scholars, the GTS faculty help translate the timeless truths of the Christian faith into the timely work of the church.

For a directory of the Faculty please click here.

For an introduction to the Faculty who teach for the Center for Christian Spirituality please click here.

Faculty can access the GTS Faculty Portal Login page by clicking here.


GTS Administration

The GTS staff is also committed to the success of our students and to offering professional service.

Below is a list of the GTS Administration Offices:

For listing of the Administration Staff, please click here.


For a full directory of Faculty, Administration and Staff that you can print out, please click here.


GTS Maintenance Request

To submit an electronic work order requestfor the GTS Maintenance Department , please click here. If this an emergency, e.g., a gas leak, please call the Front Desk immediately at 212-243-5150.

Professors Emeriti


The Rev. Richard Corney, B.A., S.T.B., Th.D.

Professor Emeritus of Old Testament

The Rev. W. Roland Foster, D.D., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Church History

The Rev. Margaret A. B. Guenther, M.Div., Ph.D.
Professor Emerita of Ascetical Theology

Elisabeth K. J. Koenig, M.Div, M. Phil., Ph.D.
Professor Emerita of Ascetical Theology

The Rev. John T. Koenig, B.D., Th.D.
Professor Emeritus of New Testament

The Rev. Robert J. Owens, MA, MDiv, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible

The Rev. Frederick H. Shriver, S.T.B., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Church History

The Rev. J. Robert Wright, M.Div, D.Phil., D.D., D.Cn.L., Th.D.

St. Mark's Church in the Bowery Professor of Ecclesiastical History

Chaplain and Dean of Community Life    Chapel_interior400dpi-2

General Seminary believes that learning to navigate the Christian life in the context of community is a top priority.  To further that commitment, this seminary employs a full-time Chaplain and Dean of Community Life whose function is the pastoral care of students, faculty and members of the staff.  Neither professor nor administrator, the Chaplain occupies a unique role in promoting programs of health and wholeness for all who frequent the Close, and in keeping an open door to all who seek his assistance.

A glimpse of the Chaplain’s responsibilities reveals an annual retreat for students in all courses of study; frequent group and individual meetings with the Chaplain; pastoral and sacramental care for any and all who seek it: and on-going referrals to spiritual directors, psychotherapists, and other professionals when situations call for such. Supporting family wellness, the Chaplain also organizes retreats every year for the spouses and partners of General students.

Another of the Chaplain's responsibilities is the facilitation of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) which students undertake at the end of their junior year. CPE sites around the country are made available for students to explore; workshops are held to prepare students for this important experience; and CPE supervisors from the area come to the seminary to introduce the program to those who are so enrolled.

As students enter their senior year and begin to seek placement in ministry following graduation, the Chaplain assists them in his role as Director of Deployment Ministry.  For those seeking ordination within the Episcopal Church, the Chaplain and members of the faculty provide preparatory sessions to familiarize students with the mechanics and contents of the General Ordination Examinations.

As with any form of ministry within Christ’s Body, the role and function of a resident Chaplain is a living process.  New occasions are always teaching new duties, and the opportunities to provide assistance under the tutelage of the Good Shepherd are constantly being shaped.


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James Reho
West Bldg., 2nd Floor
ext. 296 





440 West 21st Street, New York City, NY 10011   |   tel (212) 243-5150  fax (212) 727-3907

The General Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church is a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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