Alumni/ae Memorial Necrology

November 14, 2012

We remember those alumni, alumnae, and sometime students of

the General Theological Seminary whose deaths have been reported

to the Seminary since November 2011.

Class of 1900

Charlotte Ream Krause

Class of 1933

Francis S. Bancroft Jr.

Class of 1938

Thomas S. Logan Sr.

Class of 1940

Richard C. Rodgers

Class of 1944

J. Howard W. Rhys

Class of 1949

Sheldon B. Foote Jr.

John B. Hibbitts

John G. Mills Jr.

Class of 1950

Stuart G. Ruth


Class of 1951

Peter Chase

Class of 1952

Arthur J. Lockhart

Samuel L. Snodgrass

Class of 1954

Paul C. Deckenbach

Class of 1955

Samuel W. Ishibashi

Leonel L. Mitchell

Class of 1956

William F. Crosby

Class of 1957

Harold Jackson Wilson


Class of 1959

Francis S. Bancroft III

Stephen S. Garmey

G. Russell Hatton

Class of 1960

James Henry Brennan

G. Duncan Buchanan

Class of 1964

James J. McNamee II

Thomas T. Parke

John H. Smith

Class of 1975

Donald L. Place


Class of 1977

Denise Lee Games Haines

Class of 1980

Thomas W. S. Logan Jr.


Class of 1984

Ann E.P. McElligott

Class of 1988

Thomas James McElligott

Class of 1990

Pamela Davis Barnett

Class of 2008

Cody Unterseher

Class of 2010

Teresa A. Parsons




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