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Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)

The degree of Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) is designed to prepare scholars for careers of leadership in theological teaching and research. Candidates for this degree may specialize in various aspects of Anglican history, systematic theology, ethics, ascetical theology, liturgics, missiology and ecumenics. The degree is appropriate for those who wish to teach in seminaries of the Episcopal Church, seminaries of other churches, or in college or university departments of religious studies. It is appropriate, as well, for persons from other parts of the Anglican Communion who wish to be prepared to teach in seminaries in their provinces. Finally, it is appropriate for persons in related churches, whether in North America or abroad, who, wishing to teach in their own contexts, desire exposure to the Anglican perspective and ethos in their fields.

A particular contribution of the Th.D. program at General Seminary is that it offers a classically rigorous doctoral preparation alongside a concern to form teachers able to lead ministerial formation in the settings where they will teach. This occurs through the liturgical and communal life of the Seminary and through initiatives that the Advanced Degrees Committee undertakes in this area. In addition to their course work, Th.D. students are engaged in academic and pastoral relations with students in the other programs at General.

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Degree Requirements

Inquiries about the Th.D. degree should be directed to the Chair of the Advanced Degrees Committee or by contacting the Registrar at email.

Th.D. applicants desiring financial aid must complete the financial aid requirements of General?s Financial Aid Office. Financial aid applications received after March 1 cannot be guaranteed consideration for financial aid.

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