All in all, there is a lively integration and sharing among different groups at GTS, with all community members having a role in Worship, Community Council, and the broader network of campus-wide activity and daily life. 

The number of students with partners and spouses is split evenly with the number of single students. The same is true of male and female students. The majority of GTS students are between 30 and 40, but an increasing number are younger. Approximately fifteen percent of students are from frequently under-represented racial groups. Gay and lesbian students are valued and respected members of the student body, faculty, and staff, and this is reflected in our non-discriminatory housing and healthcare benefits policies. A growing number of students attend GTS on a part-time basis and/or commute to classes from around the NYC metropolitan area.

Committed to serving and learning from the international community of the Anglican Communion, GTS welcomes students and visiting lecturers from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania. Equally important, we welcome church members from beyond the Anglican Communion. Students in degree and non-degree programs come together to share common meals, study, and worship. Recognizing our shared commitment to Christ, we seek to be a place where all members of the community feel empowered and encouraged to bring all of who they are to the church's service. 


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