You may contact the Admissions Office of the General Theological Seminary by the following means:

Mailing Address:
The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church
Attn: Admissions
440 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10011

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Telephone: 212-243-5150
Toll-free: 888-487-5649

Donna J. Ashley, Vice President of Advancement 646.717.9708
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Trecia O'Sullivan, Financial Aid, 646.717.9742


Anthony Khani, Housing, 646 717 9743

Fax: 212-727-3907



Is the Graduate Record Exam required for admission?
The GRE is required only when applying for Doctoral Study.

If I am in interested in ordained ministry, which degree programs should I be considering?
Typically the Master of Divinity degree is completed by students pursuing ordained ministry. When an M.Div. has already been completed and your ecclesiastical  authority is requiring further study, one of the following one year programs is completed – The Diploma in Anglican Studies or the Master of Sacred Theology.



If I am interested in pursuing Lay Leadership in my faith community, which degree programs should I be considering?
The Master of Arts degree program and the Certificate program are the most commonly pursued by people who are feeling called to non-ordained ministry, although it is certainly possible to complete the Master of Divinity degree program as a non-ordination track student.

My interests are primarily academic. Which degree programs should I be considering?
General does boast a fine doctoral program, the ThD. Most students who are considering this degree program and are feeling called to an academic vocation in theological studies first complete the Master of Arts program. Those applicants who have already complete a masters degree and are seeking an advanced degree, either as an end to itself or in preparation for doctoral work, will complete Master in Sacred Theology program. 

Can I take a class as non-degree student?
Absolutely. Every year General welcomes between 75 and 100 General Learners who take classes as part-time non-degree students.


Is postulancy required for the Master of Divinity program?
If you are interested in ordination in the Episcopal church, postulancy or permission from the bishop and involvement in the diocesan discernment process is required.

If ordination is not desired, but the prospective student wants to earn an Master of Divinity, is that possible?
Yes. Often a prospective student is interested in an academic vocation and completes the Master of Divinity before moving toward the doctoral program. However, the Master of Arts program can serve the same purpose.

Is a bachelors degree required for the Master of Divinity program?
Yes. However, if a student is only deficient by a few credits (to be defined by the Admissions Committee) from completing the bachelors degree, he/she may begin as a Full-time Non-degree student, with all earned credits transferring (once the student has been accepted) to the Master of Divinity program.

How can I find information on schools for my children?
There is a website that has been put together for parents new to NYC. Take a look at (This is a third-party website and is not connected with General Seminary.)


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 Deadlines for Application: One week prior to class. Some late applications may be considered if space permits.

Fee: The fee for each course is given in the application. Registration is incomplete without payment in full: We accept MasterCard and Visa and checks payable to "The General Theological Seminary."
Continuing Education Credit: CEUs available for every course. Academic credit is not available for continuing education/Lifelong Learning courses.
Cancellations and Refunds: On the above-cited registration deadline, a minimum number of participants must be registered or the course will be cancelled. In that case, fees will be returned in full or, if the applicant wishes, applied to another course. Refunds are not available to participants who cancel.

Part-time students come from all over the metropolitan New York area, the United States and even from around the world. Some are clergy, and others are lay men and women interested in learning more about their faith and the church. Their diversity of background and opinion enriches the classroom experience.

Those wishing to participate in Seminary course offerings as part-time students who are not seeking a degree have the opportunity to choose from day and evening schedules and courses in either traditional 12-week formats or intensive formats that meet over a period of days or a weekend.

Registration for a course must be received by the deadline (normally one week prior to the start of the class), together with all fees and tuition. Early registration is helpful to the professors in planning their courses! Some courses require part-time students to obtain the instructor's permission for registration.

Part-time students who are not seeking degrees are ineligible for courses offered under any cross-registration agreement into which the Seminary has entered with other educational institutions. Non-degree students may earn up to 14 credits toward an M.A. degree and up to 25 credits toward an M.Div. degree. Students must matriculate if they want additional credits to apply toward a degree.




Master of Divinity Transfer Students

The General Seminary welcomes the applications of candidates for admission as transfer students. Residence and course work completed at another accredited institution towards the M.Div. degree will be credited towards the Seminary's degree in a fashion to be determined by the Academic Office. No credit is accepted which has been applied to another received degree.

 These requirements are common to all of the programs, except the Certificate, and General Learner study. 




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Dear Prospective Student,

We are delighted that you are interested in the General Theological Seminary for your theological education. The first Episcopal Seminary in the United States, GTS continues to live into its mission " educate and form leaders for the Church in a changing world," through a community centered on worship, spiritual formation, fellowship, and social justice.


Located in the heart of New York City, within the thriving neighborhood of Chelsea, the General Theological Seminary offers the unique opportunity to live and study in one of the most dynamic urban centers on earth, all while surrounded by the beautiful, garden-like serenity of the Close. 
Whether you feel called to ordained ministry or lay leadership in your faith community, whether you are drawn to advanced theological studies or a certificate program, whether you are interested in studying part-time or even as a non-degree student, GTS offers a path and a course of study that will meet your needs.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you on the Close.


GTS Admissions

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Statement of Educational Effectiveness:

The General Theological Seminary is fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools,


General Theological Seminary educates and forms men and women for a wide variety of professional ministries. Nearly all students enrolled in General Seminary graduate and go on to serve either in ordained capacities or positions of pastoral responsibility.  Our lay graduates pursue vocations both within and outside church settings as well as pursuing further graduate education or academic careers.  On average, 96% of General's graduates are placed in full-time vocational employment or educational positions within a year of graduation.

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