New York City--The General Theological Seminary has announced its Summer classes for Trinity Term 2007, including a new 3-day module class in July. All courses will be taught in intensive formats with readings done in advance and final assignments due 6-8 weeks after their conclusion. One may take one or more classes for graduate level credit or audit. Any course may be taken alone or as part of a degree or certificate program.


“Group Spiritual Guidance” -- May 21-25, 2007

Learn the theory and practice of spiritual guidance with small groups. Through a variety of models, students will gain an understanding and appreciation of group function, the roles of prayer and contemplation, the applications of ethical standards, and the process for determining how best to offer this ministry in one's own faith community. Dr. Anne Winchell Silver, the instructor, is a sought after Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader. A professional psychological counselor, Dr. Silver is also Professor Emerita for the Department of Student Development at Kingsborogh Community College. She is the author of several books and articles, including “Where You Go, I Shall: Gleaning from the Stories of Biblical Widows” and “Trustworthy Connections: Interpersonal Issues in Spiritual Direction.”

“Dreams and Spiritual Formation” -- June 4-8, 2007

Experience dreams as a powerful media for encountering the Divine. This course will examine scriptural and Patristic era dream texts as part of understanding how dreams can inform our modern lives and spirituality as Christians. The instructor, Dr. Jeffrey B. Pettis, is a graduate of Princeton and Union Theological Seminaries. He is currently a Post Doctorate Fellow at Fordham University's Department of Theology and has taught at Hunter College and New Brunswick Theological Seminary.


June 19-29, 2007 Morning Classes: Monday-Friday 9:20am-12:00pm

“Encountering Religious Pluralism,” Dr. Katherine Kurs, Adjunct Professor of Ascetical Theology. Explore "lived religion" with particular attention to the construction and expression of sacred meaning in a religiously pluralistic urban context through a number of methods. Findings are considered in light of our own faith commitments and work in a range of pastoral and ministerial settings.

“The Ten Commandments”, the Rev. Dr. Robert Owens, Professor of Old Testament.

Study the Ten Commandments, comparing each to related passages in the Old Testament law. The history and function of the Ten within Israelite religion, the New Testament, early Christian literature, and in Jewish and Christian liturgy are explored.

June 18-28, 2007 Afternoon Classes: Monday-Friday 1:40pm-4:20pm

“Images of Jesus in Film,” the Rev. Dr. Mitties DeChamplain, Trinity Church Professor of Preaching. Focus on the analysis and interpretation of the person and work of Jesus Christ in film. Theological and scriptural reflections on the cinematic Jesus offer a basis for understanding how popular conceptions of Christianity are reflected and shaped by the movies.

“Spirituality for the Practice of Ministry,” The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Linman, Director of the Center for Christian Spirituality and Associate Professor of Ascetical Theology. Recognizing the need for self-care in the exercise of ministry, explore the cultivation of devotional practices, resources and dispositions that are appropriate for sustaining vitality and effectiveness in the personal life of faith. Students develop a "rule of life" that seeks to encourage a Benedictine-inspired balance of prayer, work and leisure, communality and solitude.


July 23-25, 2007 All day class: 10:00am-4:45pm

“Enhancing Christian-Muslim Relations: Issues, Perspectives, and Ways Forward.”

Every nightly newscast makes clear, we live in a world which cries out for improvement in Christian-Muslim understanding. This course includes: basic instruction in Islam; guidelines for learning more; Anglicanism's unique intersections with Islam; American Muslim experiences since 9/11/01; and methods fro interaction, especially through parishes. Instructor Lucinda Mosher is a consultant, educator, and author who specializes in inter-religious relations. She is the author of the “Faith in the Neighborhood book series,” which addresses America's religious diversity.

To register for any of the above classes for graduate credit or audit, please visit our website at For more information, please contact Jim Murphy at 888-487-5649 x461 or locally at 212-243-5150 x461, or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Registration deadline: 3 weeks prior to the start of class.

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