You will be asked to participate in liturgical leadership in the chapel.  M.Div. Juniors serve as acolytes, Middlers as readers, and Seniors as officiants at Morning and Evening Prayer, thurifers, and preachers. MA, STM, Diploma, & Certificate students participate in a manner appropriate to their ordination status. There are also opportunities to serve as a chimer, precentor, reader, instrumental musician, choral singer, intercessor, flower arranger, oblation bearer, and sacristan.

Albs are provided by GTS for those serving as acolytes (during your first year as a student). Cassocks and surplices are not provided and you should consider purchasing them sometime during your first year at General. If you decide to become part of the Guild of Sacristans, you will definitely need a cassock. (Juniors - both M.Div. and M.A. students - may join the Guild in the second semester of their first year.  STM and Anglican Studies students may join the Guild in their first semester.)  M.Div. Seniors, Diploma and STM students are invited to officiate at Morning Prayer and to serve as Thurifers and Crucifers. For these responsibilities you will need a cassock and surplice.

Many vestment companies send representatives to GTS during the school year to display items. You will be notified of their dates by student representatives and have the opportunity to purchase any of the items above.

We look forward to seeing you in the Chapel! There will be an opportunity during orientation week to learn more about worship in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.



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