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NT60 - Parables: Inviting Wonder about God (Online)

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This course is offered only online. 

"Indeed (Jesus) said nothing to them without a parable." Matt. 13:34

At the heart of Jesus' proclamation of God's realm lie stories Jesus told to inspire listeners to think about and experience God's realm in new ways. Open to interpretation, Jesus' parables invite wonder and encourage a deeper engagement with the mystery of God's presence in the world. This course will be a scholarly introduction to the content, characteristics and language of parables to encourage mutual exploration of ways parables serve as analogies and as resources for nurturing spiritual life. The course goal is to learn the parables of Jesus, which includes analysis, interpretation, and oral delivery.

Students will complete course readings, view podcasts and other online materials, and post comments. The course also will include "live" digital sessions using WebEx. These live sessions will be recorded so that students can access them later.

Prof. Good. 3 credits.
Michaelmas 2013. Synchronous digital sessions on Thursdays, 3:30-5:20pm, Eastern Time.

If this is the first course you are registering for in the Michaelmas 2013 term, please add a non-refundable $100 Academic Fee. If you have already registered for a course this term, you do not need to add the Fee. Please note that if you are selecting courses over several terms, you will need to pay the Academic Fee once in each term. 


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