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AT332-Wandering for the Love of God

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AT 332 — Wandering for the Love of God: Early Medieval Spirituality

Wandering—whether in the form of exploration, travel, or for God's sake—was an early medieval (CE 600-1000) reality. Our course will honor that: we will wander through prayers, meditations, Saint's Lives, sermons, carvings, drawings, poems, and historical writings from the early Middle Ages. It was a creative era (the letters you are reading right now were invented by early medieval monks), dynamic (this was the era when the bold and powerful Christus Victor dominated the Christian imagination and theology), and yet prayerful (this was the age when the monastery was the healthiest place you could find, and when the life of meditation and prayer was actively sought by everyone from cowherds to Queens). Each student will choose a special road to explore, read, look and pray his or her way along that road with the guidance of the professor, and create a semester-sized (about 20 pages) project or paper that expresses the results of that journey.


Prof. McPherson. 3 credits.

Michaelmas 2013. Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm.

If this is the first course you are registering for in the Michaelmas 2013 term, please add a non-refundable $100 Academic Fee. If you have already registered for a course this term, you do not need to add the Fee. Please note that if you are selecting courses over several terms, you will need to pay the Academic Fee once in each term.

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