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AT340-Liturgical Spirituality Practicum

For Credit Only
For Credit Only

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Worship is the principal discipline for Christian spiritual formation. In this course, students experience ways of worshipping more deeply, and plan and lead liturgies that can nurture Christian formation in the power of the Holy Spirit. The first four weeks are dedicated to theory, theological presentations, and the design and offering of a Contemplative Eucharist to be held on Friday afternoon, March 1, 2013. In the remaining weeks, students will individually or in teams plan and lead classroom liturgical exercises. Throughout, students will intentionally reflect on their experiences through class discussions. This course is especially good for those planning and leading liturgy for retreats and quiet days and for any seeking creative liturgical expressions in parish settings.

This course is not open to auditors. 

Adj. Prof. J. Linman. 3 credits.
Easter 2013. Tuesdays beginning February 5, 3:00-5:20pm, and Friday afternoon, March 1.

If this is the first course you are registering for in this term, please add a non-refundable $100 academic fee. If you have already registered for a course this term, you do not need to add the fee. Please note that if you are selecting courses over several terms, you will need to pay the academic fee once in each term.

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