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AT360-Holistic Spirituality and Wellness Practicum

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Linked to General Seminary's Episcopal Wellness Program (EWP), this practicum course offers education and formation in health and wholeness for religious leaders, including spiritual directors, encouraging patterns of physical and spiritual self-care that will help sustain their life and ministry.

Christianity is an incarnational religion that affirms the presence of God in the material world, including human bodies. From a Christian perspective, to seek physical health and wholeness and to care properly for the body is part of a holy life and integral to a program of holistic spiritual development. Religious leaders and spiritual directors, therefore, need to be able to address matters of physical wellness, both as listeners in holy conversations and as teachers of wellness practices.

Students in this course participate fully in the EWP, including pursuing physical activity and/or silence practices and attending at least half of the workshops on wellness. In addition, students participate in a small discussion group, meet regularly with a spiritual director, and write a final integrative paper in which they incorporate their learning from the course readings, reflect on their experiences of self-care and note plans for future wellness practices.

This course may be taken more than once, and students may earn up to two credits in the course towards meeting practicum requirements in the spiritual direction programs. With permission of the instructor, the course may be audited if it has already been taken once before for credit.

Adj. Prof. James Reho. 1 credit.
Easter 2013. Select Wednesdays, 11:00am-12:20pm.

If this is the first course you are registering for in this term, please add a non-refundable $100 academic fee. If you have already registered for a course this term, you do not need to add the fee. Please note that if you are selecting courses over several terms, you will need to pay the academic fee once in each term.

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