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CS64-Unapologetic Religion

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A unique interfaith course, team-taught by Dr. Lawrence A. Hoffman, Professor of Liturgy, Worship and Ritual at Hebrew Union College, Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves from the Diocese of El Camino Real in California, and Dr. Patrick Malloy, Professor of Liturgy and Dean of General Theological Seminary. This course combines the diversity of our faith traditions on one hand, and our common journey as American religious leaders, on the other, to help students enter into meaningful conversation with main-stream, non-religious America. What do our respective religions have to offer those who have neither a working linguistic frame for religion nor significant personal grounding in a particular religious culture, but who may be searching for something spiritual? By asking questions of each other across religious traditions, and by confronting together the challenges for organized religion today, this course empowers students to function theologically, spiritually, and liturgically, as religious leaders in today's religious landscape.

This course, offered together by Hebrew Union and General Seminary is, for now, open only to rabbinical and divinity students at these schools. However, the professors will consider opening the course to outside learners, depending on enrollment. You may register here to be put on a Wait List.

Prof. Malloy with Prof. M. Gray-Reeves and Prof. L. Hoffmann from Hebrew Union. 3 credits.

Easter 2013. Thursdays, 3:00-5:20pm.

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