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AT 361 - Becoming a Missional Church: The Theology and Practice of Joining God in the Neighborhood

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AT 361: Becoming a Missional Church: The Theology and Practice of Joining God in the Neighborhood

The “mission field” was once across the globe, but now it’s around the corner. How will our churches respond? This four-session module equips leaders to guide ministries from maintenance mode toward embracing God’s mission and reimagining their own. Developed and led by The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers and the Missional Vitality Team in the Diocese of Long Island, this interactive course draws on practical leadership development tools grounded in Anglican theology and biblical study and covers the following topics:

Introduction – What Is a Missional Church and How Do We Get Started?

Evangelism – Being Good News in the Neighborhood

Radical Welcome – Embracing and Being Embraced by the Neighborhood

Asset-Based Relationships – Loving and Serving God Together

Conclusion – Leading Change Back Home


Adj. Prof. Stephanie Spellers. 2 credits.
Summer (Trinity) 2014: Fridays: May 23rd, June 6th, June 13th, June 20th, 3:00pm – 6:00pm.

If this is the first course you are registering for in the Summer (Trinity) 2014 term, please add a non-refundable $100 Academic Fee. If you have already registered for a course this term, you do not need to add the Fee. Please note that if you are selecting courses over several terms, you will need to pay the Academic Fee once in each term.

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